The system of Hua Yue Xi Yi Men (Liuhebafa) as passed down from generation to generation is complex and involves many levels of training and materials, each designed to focus on different aspects of the style. Though it is rare to find the entire system intact, the Liuhebafa Internal Arts Association offers full training in the complete system.

Many individuals who have not qualified to learn the inner material such as forms and weapons, or have not have taken the initiative to seek it out, say much of the lesser known material is of "recent fabrication". In actuality, each portion belongs to the whole of Liuhebafa and is completely traditional. The curriculum presented here is that passed on by Chen Yi Ren, which was the complete legacy that he alone recieved.

The complete curriculum of the "Hua Yue Xi Yi Men (Liuhebafa) System" is as follows:

Hand forms:

These 12 short drills train skills ranging from beginner to advanced, and were extracted from other forms in the system (Zhu Ji, Long Hu Zuan, and Zhe Long You) by earlier generations. The 3 Divisions refer to the 3 States of Water (solid, liquid and gas). The 12 Spirits are also referred to as the 12 Animals (different from the 12 animals of Xingyi), they are: Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Ape, Bear, Goose, Snake, Hawk, Roc, Kylin.

This is the original form of Liuhabafa devised by Li Dong Feng. This form focuses on technical precision of movement and prepares the practitioner for deeper training. It consists of 66 movements and is separated into 2 distinct sections for training. The saying goes "Focus on and refinement of Zhu Ji will bring great skills in other areas, where as training in other areas will bring great understanding to Zhu Ji".

This was actually a style consisting of 8 routines of the favored fighting techniques of its creator Lu Hong. It was adapted into the Hua Yu Xi Yi Men system by Wu Yi Hui and internalized with the 6 harmonies and 8 methods. In the past many people were attracted to Hua Yu Xi Yi Men to learn this practical and dynamic form!

This form was created by Wu Yi Hui to teach to the students of Wang Xiang Zhai, to teach them not the styles foundations but the styles fighting techniques.

The Coiled Dragon is the signature animal of Liuhebafa. This is the first of the 3 Coiled Dragon forms of the system, focusing on spiraling movements and dynamic interchange.

This form works on advanced body movement and fluidity in Liuhebafa bringing practitioners to a higher level of skill and expertise in the internal arts.

This is the highest form of the Hua Yu Xi Yi Men system and represents the most advanced functional level of Liuhebafa in terms of an internal fighting style.

Weapon Forms:

Heart of Intent Staff begins Hua Yue Xi Yi Men's weapon training, which is an important part of any internal stylists development as they teach the practitioner to extend their intent through the weapon itself and make it an extension of ones body.

Dew Mist Broadsword is a seldom seen form and is a counterpart to the Heart of Intent Staff. The Dew Mist Broadsword trains the practitioner to use the empty hand to give power and focus to the weapon hand, and training in its techniques prepares the practitioner for the Jade River Straightsword.

Jade River Straightsword expresses an extremely advanced and refined stage of Liuhebafa. Once thought to be lost, this form expresses the full extent of the internal skills of the Hua Yue Xi Yi Men style.

Internal Training Meditations:

Wei Tuo Gong consists of 2 parts, the first containing 6 exercises/harmonies to train and cultivate internal power and inner motion, and the second containing 8 exercises/methods to train the internal energy to move within the body and to extend out from the body.
This is the most vital practice in the system and is the very defining element of Liuhebafa. Without the 5 Hearts and 9 Joints there is no Liuhebafa!

Definitive Primary Force training is a very special element of Liuhebafa. Based on Chen Xi Yi's creation of the Taiji Ruler, the Definitive Primary Force uses a sphere that is usually made of iron-wood to train the contact and transmitting of force aspect of Liuhebafa.

Pre-Heaven Meditation practices are designed to connect the middle body with the upper and lower. It is a complementary technique to Wei Tuo Gong and brings the practitioner to a higher functional level of the 5 Hearts and 9 Joints.

Solar Meditation is the highest internal practice of the Hua Yue Xi Yi Men and is generally only passed on to a single successor.

There is not one form more important than an other, as each one offers a different aspect of the art, and those skills then flow over to the other areas. To learn the full depth of the Liuhebafa demands great devotion and commitment from the practitioner. It takes time, effort and trust for a qualified teacher to impart the complete contents of this precious art!